Sommer's is the Problem Solver.

Sommer's provides reasonably-priced Ontario and Canadian legal services for a variety of matters, including Entertainment and Computer Law, Copyright, Commercial Contracts, Employment and General Litigation.

We Listen. Lawyers that listen and really understand their clients' views are the lawyers who can provide the best answers to those clients' questions.

We know the law, love the law and do our homework. Lawyers are only as good as their knowledge of the law, and we take pride in keeping ourselves informed of developments in our practice areas. In the event that a situation demands specific legal information, then we make sure we've narrowed the focus of our clients' problems to the legal bare necessities, so that our research is thorough but highly efficient.

We sometimes take unusual approaches to problems. A threatening letter followed by a lawsuit is not always the best way to resolve a dispute, and sometimes a quick phone call or a face-to-face meeting can accomplish what months of formal correspondence and pleadings cannot. And if the best solution to a problem involves a tack that the client can take on their own, without our help (or our fees), we will tell them so.